Dial 119 (Fire/Ambulance Department) when you need emergency treatment because of sudden illness, serious injuries by traffic accident, gas poisoning, serious burns, etc., and an ambulance will come to take the patient to the hospital.

Examples of emergency calls
InjuriesFirst say, “KEGAWO SHIMASHITA (Someone is injured)”, then tell them your name and address of where you are.
Sudden IllnessFirst say, “KYU-BYO DESU (Someone is suffering from a sudden illness)”, and then tell them your name and address of where you are.


Dial 110 to contact the police if you have or see a traffic accident or are a witness to, or the victim of, a crime. Keep calm and give the police your name, address, and a brief description of the place and the nature of the accident or crime.

There is a police box, or a police substation commonly called KOBAN in every part of each city in Japan.

Examples of emergency calls
Traffic AccidentFirst say, “JIKO DESU (There has been an accident)”, and then tell them the place of the accident, your name and address.
Crimes (e.g. robbery)First say, “DOROBO DESU (A robber!)”, then tell them your name and address.


If a fire starts in your house, shout “KAJI-DA! (Fire! Fire!)” to alert the neighbors and call the fire department immediately. (Dial 119) Tell them your name and address clearly.

It would be good if you wrote the pronunciation of your name and address on a piece of paper in Roman letters and posted it near your telephone.

For safety reasons, it is wise to have a fire extinguisher at home. Your landlord may be willing to pay for it, if you ask.

Examples of emergency calls
FireFirst say, “KAJI DESU (Fire!)”, and tell them your name and address.
Using a Cellular Phone for Making Emergency Calls: Using a Public Telephone for Making Emergency Calls:
After making a call, keep the power on. The fire department or the police may call you back.Public telephones, except for red or pink ones which only take ¥10 coins, have emergency call buttons or emergency call equipment. Emergency calls can be made without coins or telephone cards.
When making a call, pick up the receiver, push the red emergency button and dial No.110 or 119. For emergency call equipment, pick up the receiver and turn the dial attached to the equipment.

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